Friday, November 28, 2014

Sweat A - Ab Ripper A

I could have easily skipped today's workout... If I was hungover and all , but no I am smarter then that  I got it done... Last time doing sweat a and ab ripper a..... Is it cold out? Yes. Could I be out shopping yes.. But my health is more important .. I have self determination to get it done everyday. No excuses. Tomorrow is Saturday Special .. Then Monday Starts Block B :)  I burned 246 calories an got my heart rate up to 133.. I have a confession I had Arbys today I was out running around. Every other place was packed.. It was so gross I couldn't eat it.. Yuck. 2 bites .. I Swear it is like dog food.

So excited to start Block B . Cant wait to see what is in store.. Tonight one of my favorite Christmas movies is on Frosty the Snowman.. A classic :) It has been a long day . Going to have some chilli and relax . Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend :)

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