Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Special

Did Saturday Special later tonight. Love this one some of the moves aren't as easy as you think . Lost 5 more pounds over Thanksgiving which is very impressive.. Getting all my water in daily :) Burned  194 calories and got my heart rate up to 138.. Tomorrow is REST day , but I will walk or something.. Then I have Sweat B and Ab Ripper B on Monday ;0 

What is Insanity Max 30

Have you thought to yourself what is Insanity Max 30 ?  It's 150 new moves Shaun T. created totally different from the orginal Insanity. As you know Shaun T is the creator of Hip Hop Abs ,T25 , Insanity and Rocking Body.. The other thing is these workouts are only 30 min.. They might be advance, but their is a modifier. Do you need any equipment? No only your body and to be able to dig deeper.. This is a 60 day program broken down into 2 months.. Each time you go a little harder til you MAX OUT... Each time you push a little harder then the time before?

What exactly is Maxing out? 

Max Out means to stop or fail for the first time in the workout.  It's really truly not about getting through all 30 minutes.  It's about going as hard as you can for as long as you can, until you MAX OUT.  Write down the time take a break, and then you want to jump back into the workout.  If you stay committed and push to your max you will add more time each week with the workouts!  


Friday, November 28, 2014

Sweat A - Ab Ripper A

I could have easily skipped today's workout... If I was hungover and all , but no I am smarter then that  I got it done... Last time doing sweat a and ab ripper a..... Is it cold out? Yes. Could I be out shopping yes.. But my health is more important .. I have self determination to get it done everyday. No excuses. Tomorrow is Saturday Special .. Then Monday Starts Block B :)  I burned 246 calories an got my heart rate up to 133.. I have a confession I had Arbys today I was out running around. Every other place was packed.. It was so gross I couldn't eat it.. Yuck. 2 bites .. I Swear it is like dog food.

So excited to start Block B . Cant wait to see what is in store.. Tonight one of my favorite Christmas movies is on Frosty the Snowman.. A classic :) It has been a long day . Going to have some chilli and relax . Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Facing my Fears - Going to do Insanity Max 3.0

I finally decided today that I am going to do Insanity Max 3.0 .. I have been kind of scared well TERRIFIED is the word of this program.. I can do this if I did Insanity right? lol. Why do I think Shaun T. is going to try to kill me in this one.. But one key word MODIFY. I will and wont be ashamed that I am going to. I will still be doing p90 :) I want to be ready for Summit 2015. I can't believe this new journey I will be on :) I may end up hating Shaun t by the end of all this what do you think? Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family .

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sweat A and Ab Ripper A- Don't skip your workouts over the holidays..

I did Sweat A and Ab ripper A one today..I get to do it one more time then move on:) I burned 220 calories and got my heart rate up to 133. I am getting very comfortable with the moves. Fast feet is becoming one of my favorite things also Sprawls which is suprising. 

 Holiday Tips

A little tip for over the holidays :) 

Don't skip your workouts .. Trust me .. Make time for them .. 

When eat Thanksgiving dinner start with the veggies first so you get full then go for the other stuff.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sculpt a

I did sculpt a today :) Feeling pretty good. Used the lighter weights though I am working on my positioning. I burned 174 calories and got my heart rate up to 113.. For breakfast I had my Shakeology.. Lunch was Chicken Pad Tai.. Not sure about dinner yet.. Tomorrow I have Sweat a and ab ripper a:) Last week of A phase .

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweat A and Ab Ripper A

Today I had Sweat A and Ab Ripper A again . I burned 224 calories and got my heart rate up to 126 . My nutrition was good. Shakeology for breakfast. Snack: Was  crackers and hummus. . Dinner will be chicken and something :) Tomorrow I have Sculpt A. This is my last week of Phase A. Here are my stats from today ...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sweat A and Ab Ripper A

Today I had Sweat A and Ab ripper A.  It was rainy dark out.. I could have made up a million reasons why I didn't do it.. But no I got up and got it done. I burned 180 calories. and got my heart rate up to 134... Tomorrow I have Sculpt A. 

Confession : I have been keeping my food journal .. I do really good then forget to log a couple days.. I will get better :) 

Rest Day-Things I am thankful for

Today is my rest day. I took the whole day off only did a few things for work.. Its hard for me to ignore messages, but I am getting better at doing it.. I deserve one day off. I had my shakeology though. Since Thanksgiivng is upon us I thought I would say what I am thankful for.. Thier are so many things , but here are a few.. 

1. My mom and her unconditional love and support she always gives me no matter what crazy thing I embark on . I love her so much we have become so close.. 

2. My job I am so blessed to be able to do what I do from home and get to change people's lives. Its so rewarding everyday. I have met and become friends with some awesome people from all around :) 

3. My sucess club partner Angie  She teaches me so much and is so patient when I don't get something.. Her friendship means the world to me. I just wish she lived a little closer :

Sweat A and Ab Ripper A - Tips on creating a food journal

I had Sweat A and Ab Ripper A this morning I keep pushing myself a little more each day. I know Phase B will be hard and I want to be ready .. Ab A ripper killed me at first, but is now quite easy to me and enjoyable. I burned 201 calories and got my heartrat up to 134.. Press jacks are a pain for me .. I modify it a few seconds then try to do them. Tomorrow is Sculpt A.. I am still having issues with a few of the postitioning of my feet so I want to make sure I get it right... So glad I fianlly got the Resistance Band fixed. 

Now I am going to give you some tips on how to create a food journal that work for me... Food is so important in this journey as well... 

1.  Write every little thing that you put in your mouth 

2. Make it colorful , make it your own 

3. Cary it with you all day.. 

4. There are many apps you can do it with .  I like to have a notebook... 

5. As you go through out the day keep track of your water with little x'es  

Sculpt A

Sculpt A today been getting them in much eailer.. Today was busy though so it got done late. My nutriotion has been very good. Been keeping track of it.. I love how you can still sweat so much during Sculpt A. Tonight we have are team call. I love my coaches so much. Today is a holiday , but still got work to do ... So I leave you with this ..   Thank you to all that served for our country. God Bless you. 

Sweat A - Ab Ripper A

This morning I woke up and did Sweat A and Ab Ripper A... This is the second week .. I am stepping it up a bit.. I am enjoying getting my workouts in early. I use to wait to do them much later in the day and late at night. This morning I burned 277 calories and got my heart rate up to 137. I am going to be taking progress pictures. I hate taking them but I am going to do it if it helps inspire something .  Tomorow I have Sculpt A

Sweat A- and Ab RIpper A- Overcoming the fear of taking Progress pictures

This morning I got my workout in early.. Been trying to lately. I did Sweat A and Ab Ripper A. I aslo finally put down the tape like Tony Horton says.. It really does help. It makes it hard when you imagine it.. I am proud of myself I got to day 3 of the 6 Day Shred.. I knew it would be hard.. Those type of restritive diets are not my thing. I will continue eating healhty and drinking water.. I just don't believe in counting calroies and diets. I get to bored with the same food over and over. Im shocked I made it 3 days. I burned 196 calories and got my heartrate to 113. Tomorrow is Sculpt A.

The second part of my blog post is a fear I need to get over. I have seen people be attacked over posting progress pictures ... As a fitness Coach I know I need to take them. People don't know what other people have been through or their story. But are so quick to judge. I will get through this. The other thing is what is the best way to take progress pictures? I see people take them all sorts of ways.. Any advice would be great on this..

Did you vote??????????????

Sculpt A - Day 3 - Day 2 6 day shred

Woke up this morning early to get my workout in. Glad that I did. Had Sculpt A again. Broke my resistance bands on my door lol. GO figure.. Now I need to figure out away to make them tight.  I burned 173 calories and got my heart rate up to 123. I have already lost 2 lbs doing the 6 day shred.. I am super excited.  Will be ready the time Thanksgiving rolls around.. By the way their are Kit Kats in the fridge I have not touched. Have no desire too.

Day 2 of the Shred -...........

Breakfast- 2 hard boiled eggs
1 apple
1 cup of casheews

Now a snack and im not hungry. But will have another cup of fruit.. 60 Oz of water in already .

Here is a little motivation to leave you with :

Sweat A and Ab Ripper A - DAY 1 OF 6 day SHRED

I did Sweat A firt ... I loved it.. New moves.. Definatly sweated . Its short and sweet.. i feel like my feet have gotten faster.. Then I did Ab Ripper A.. very awesome a great ab workout short but effective. Now I am going to enjoy the weather and go for a walk outside..

Today is day 1 of 6 day shred.. 60 OZ OF WATER in.. Feeling great. Had my Shakeology for breakfast. Will have my first snack when I come back. Here are my stats from todays workout..
Today I did Sculpt A from P90.. My first day.  I liked it was short but intense. A lot of the same moves from p90x3... So  I knew most of them.. Their was a modifier as well. Tomorrow I start the 6 day Shred.. I am hoping to lose a couple pounds from that.. My challengers have done it and had great results.  I was going to start today, but decided on tomorrow. Tomorrow we have 2 workouts Sweat A and Ab RIpper A.  I like how this program is set up in phases to get you ready for the next phase.

I did have a few pieces of candy however candy does not own me . I know when to stop I have self control. We through it all out .. Dont need the temptation :)   Here are my stats from Day 1.