Sunday, February 15, 2015

Next Program - 21 Day Fix Extreme

So excited to start my next program.. I was going to do T25, but after just finishing a 90 day program re thought it.  I did 21 day fix.. I have to say the workouts didn't really didn't do much for me.. I am sure Autumn will make me eat my words this time lol. I love weights so I am sure it will be a nice change.. Then I might do T25 :)  Has anyone else tried 21 day fix? What were your thoughts on the program ? 

Last week of P90 starts tommorrow

Sorry for not posting.. Been pretty busy. So happy and proud of myself that this is the last week of p90. Today i went for a walk and did Saturday Special .. I burned around 440 calories and got my heart rate up to around 130. My balance is so much better from doing P90... My nutrition was good today .. Here are my pics from today.Were doing a Burn to Earn Contest. That is why there is a day 7 on there. Tomorrow I have Sweat C and Ab Ripper C :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme is Live now

21 Day fix extreme is now live... If you have any questions just ask.

Week 10 - Sweat C and Ab Ripper C

I am starting on week 10 today.. No more modifining .. I was able to burn 395 calories and got my heart rate up to 146,,, C is hard, but getting easier and my form is a lot better. Tomorrow I have Sculpt C.. My goal is to not miss any workouts this month and to up my weights... February is a short month so I need to make the best of it... Next workout? T25 i am thinking not sure..... Stay tuned..