Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rest Day-Things I am thankful for

Today is my rest day. I took the whole day off only did a few things for work.. Its hard for me to ignore messages, but I am getting better at doing it.. I deserve one day off. I had my shakeology though. Since Thanksgiivng is upon us I thought I would say what I am thankful for.. Thier are so many things , but here are a few.. 

1. My mom and her unconditional love and support she always gives me no matter what crazy thing I embark on . I love her so much we have become so close.. 

2. My job I am so blessed to be able to do what I do from home and get to change people's lives. Its so rewarding everyday. I have met and become friends with some awesome people from all around :) 

3. My sucess club partner Angie  She teaches me so much and is so patient when I don't get something.. Her friendship means the world to me. I just wish she lived a little closer :

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