Sunday, September 28, 2014

Overcome your Excuses ...

Fitness is a constant struggle.. But once you get in the right frame of mind that you can do it nothing will hold you back.  Another excuse I get is I don't have 30 min.. Really come on? Anyone has 30 min? You don't have time to save your life and get in shape? Their is even a program that is 25 min.. I hear all the excuses in the book. I use to use most of them as well. One day I woke up and said ENOUGH.. I want to be fit and healthy.. Do I eat clean 100 percent of the time ? NO.. But I do enough to make it count..  I always think of the feeling after the workout.. Ahhh it always feels so refreshing and never once has made me regret it..  So this is my message to you ..

Stop all the excuses .. Get off your butt and do it.. Stop whining.. You can change things and have the power...  Will it be easy ? Will it be worth it.. YES... Go out and chase your dreams make things happen..

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