Saturday, December 27, 2014

2 workouts today - Fire 55 - Saturday Special

When I have extra energy I like to step up my game :) I did Turbo Fire 55 this morning because my friend Angie did it :) I forgot how much fun that workout is even with the 2 drills included. I burned 444 calories and got my heart rate up to 147.. Then I took  a break and came back and did Saturday Special and burned 184 calories and got my heart rate up to 126 ... I was sick a couple days and hate missing workouts.. Still don't have all my steps in. Right now I have 6,679 in . I am still trying to reach 10,000. I thought I would post this as this is how I am trying to eat right now I change the times a little but it really is working for me. Tomorrow is P90 rest day, but I will get some workout in not sure what yet ::) Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

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