Friday, December 19, 2014

Tested out Insanity Max 30 - Cardio Challenge

Last night I tested out Inanity Max 30.. Cardio Challenge.. WOW.. Shaun T has done it again.. I was scared to try this.. I love how it pushes you till you can't give anymore then you get back in.. I did half with the modifier and half without.. I maxed out at 11:25.. Shaun T. really motivates you in this one.. You can even tell when Shaun T is tired.. However he really motivates you in this one.. I suprised myself with my time .. I said my time would be around 6 min. The time to me went by slow lol. However I thought each round with the moves I had troubles with I would work on those and improve those ... You are going to really love this program. The thing is if you don't max out you aren't being honest with yourself.. I love that Shaun T. wants you to Max out.. People try to compare their times just do your best and forget the rest :) 

Have you Maxed out Yet? 

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