Friday, January 9, 2015

4 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

People are always complaining that eating healthy is to expensive? Is it really? Or do people just not know how to budget properly ? Here are some tips for you to manage food on a budget

Tip 1 - Don't go to the grocery store when your hungry.. Keep a piece of fruit or a small Ziploc® bag full of raw nuts in your bag to guard against filling your cart with foods you’re craving now but wouldn’t buy on a full stomach.

Tip 2 - Buy flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Produce is trickier: frozen is sometimes, but not always, cheaper than fresh, in-season, fruits and vegetables.

Tip 3- Shop at your local Farmers Market 
  A 2011 study by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont is one of several around the country showing that farmers’ market prices are consistently lower than those of neighboring grocery stores. 

Tip 4 - Buy in Balk  

Costco® and other warehouse stores sell fruits and vegetables at ridiculously low prices—if you’re willing to buy, say, 15 pounds of potatoes or 8 pounds of oranges at a time.

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